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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan 7-13 2008

  • Monday - 16 myles
  • Tuesday - off
  • Wednesday - 16 myles
  • Thursday - off
  • Friday - 16 myles
  • Saturday - off
  • Sunday - 23 myles
  • Total - 71 myles
Pic of the week - My 2008 sponsor!

There you have it! My 2008 sponsor, my family! What?? Not what you were thinking?? Based on the comments I KNOW it's not what you were thinking. Although I do have to admit I thought the puffed rice comment was the best! Go back and look at my teasers, make sense now? To put things in perspective, the family is the most important sponsor any ultra runner could have, without their support there is no ultra running. And with a new addition to Team Fast Eddy their support this year is the only way I could train and do the races I want to do.

So here's my take on sponsorship in ultra running: running for a team or sponsor has gotten totally out of control and in my opinion will self destruct itself within the next 5 years. For the last couple of years you see more and more sponsored runners at races, most of which are middle of the packers. Some aren't getting paid anything but the shirt on their back - to me that's just being a suck up, sell out. Nothing wrong with that if your just running for free stuff, but someone tell the CEO there not selling anything. Doesn't work for very long even in the deepest of pockets. I believe sponsorship should be a minority of ultra runners, not a majority. It should be reserved for guys like this or this, or maybe even this guy. All of which have made tremendous accomplishments in their careers and are highly respected in the ultra running community.

Having said all that, if I were asked to be sponsored by someone would I say no. The answer is "it depends". I would not endorse a product I don't believe in, I would only endorse a product that I currently use and could promote to fellow runners. But that's neither here nor there because I haven't done anything to warrant a sponsor. I consider myself the worst of the best and the best of the worst and that doesn't deserve sponsorship. Right now I like the fact that I can go to a race as a virtually unknown, place in the top 5 of a national race, and go home. No added pressure to perform. No running for ulterior motives; it's just me, the beauty of the course, and my own demons. I run for me. I run because I'm competitive. I run because it's hard. I run because it makes me feel alive. If for some strange reason I start to win some races in 2008 and someone notices me then great! I would be honored to represent a brand that I believe in. But as it stands right now I'll just be some non-descript Mexican dude running as hard as I can and enjoy what I do with my new endorsing sponsor.

Anyway, what about my running week?? I planned for 4 - 16+ runs and DID 4 - 16+ runs for a total of 71 myles this week! 5 weeks of solid building and I still feel great! Next week I should tone it down and go for shorter tempo runs to mix it up a bit. Maybe only 50 myles next week with one long run on the weekend. Red Hot 50K is coming up and I think I'll be ready with my new sponsor in tow.

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