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Saturday, January 5, 2008

20 myles - 2.39:17

Sante Fe loop - 10:45 a.m.
light overcast, strong North East wind, dry roads
body felt sluggish
easy effort

I had plenty of motivation to run today despite the 30 mph winds with gusts of 50mph. Number 1 and 2 motivation to run today was part of a package from my good friend Aric Manning. In this package was a DVD from our 1995 soccer national championship trip and a new pair of Smith V-ti sunglasses. Number 3 motivation to run is a quote: there is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people.

The DVD was a complete surprise and after I watched it I got very inspired, needless to say it uprooted a whole lotta emotion. Playing soccer at Weber State was (and still is) the core of my essence. I always tell people today "running is what I do, it's not who I am" but on the contrary soccer is what I did and IS who I am. The person I am today is because of soccer, primarily from the friendships I formed and the coaches I learned from.

As I started my run I knew it was gonna be a long day not only because of the wind but because I just didn't feel it today. I didn't actively seek mile splits but I happened to glance at my watch after the first mile: 7:03. Not bad... and to tell the truth I thought I was slower than that. As I said before I usually gage my fitness on how strong I finish and how fast I recover, in addition I will sometimes see if I can match my first and last mile on an out/back. Well today, I took splits the last 3 miles with a concerted effort trying to stay within the 7:03 range. Last 3 were: 7:44, 7:35, 7:24 not as slow as I thought but I couldn't match my first and last which makes me believe that my fitness is still coming along. Normally this is a 19 mile run but I ran along Sante Fe for 12 minutes to make it a total of 20 myles

Last, and certainly not least, I wanna comment on my brand new sunglasses. The Smith V-ti are THE best glasses I have ever worn during a run. Aric told me Smith updated the Frontline model because bikers were complaining that the brow line was too thick and couldn't see. I thought the Frontline were comfortable but the V-ti was that much better! I put the polarized copper lens in today because of the thin layer of clouds, perfect choice! The frames are weightless on my face and the lens created a crystal clear view. If you do any activity outside you need these frames! I will never go without these again.
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