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Thursday, January 24, 2008

5 myles - no time

Winter Park - 4:00 p.m.
single digits, snow everywhere, clear
mind/body - refreshed
easy effort

I met some friends up in Winter Park today. Aric, Phil, and Scott all drove out from Utah to celebrate Lenny's 40th birthday. Lenny had no idea these guys were coming so when he saw them, he had to take a double and even triple take! T'was great!

Before the festivities began, myself, Aric, and Phil went for a short run to get the legs loose. They'd been driving for 9 hours and I needed to get the blood flowing so we took it easy and enjoyed the run. I really didn't need to anything today because I've been running for 6 straight days. Although I probably won't run for two days so I had better do something. My plan was to hit the 80 mile mark this week but it looks like I'm gonna end up in the mid 70's, which is completely fine with me. Taper starts after 30 myles on Sunday, wuhooo!
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