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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

4 myles - 27:10

Grigs - 4:00 P.M.
70s, South West wind, dry
mind/body - ready to go!
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 30 minutes easy with hill sprints

Actual workout: 4 myles 27:10 avg. 6:47 - 10x10x10 hill sprints

Ready to go! Instead of my normal 3 x 1 minute hill sprints, I did 10 - 10 second sprints up a 10% grade. It's supposed to kick start the neurological system and I certainly felt more speed with less effort on the way back.

The work is done and now I just have to run a smart race. I leave tomorrow so I can have a little down time and soak it all in. They are forecasting showers for late Friday and all day Saturday so bring on the mud!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

8 myles - 56:23

Grigs - 4:00 P.M.
60s, strong North wind, dry
mind/body - eager
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 60 minutes with 2 mile uptempo
Actual workout: 8 myles 56:23 avg. 7:02 - 2 mile uptempo in 11:25! avg. 5:42

The wind was nasty! Going out was a trudge but coming back with the wind at my back was fun to spin the legs fast! I was almost going 11 MPH during the 2 mile uptempo and the wind was still pushing me! And truth be told it was slightly downhill so that time really isn't all that impressive but I'll take it.

On another note, I picked up a new pair of PI shoes today called the Fuel XC. They're a new model to be released Spring 2010. The fit is somewhere in between the Peak XC and the SyncroSeek - just what most runners are looking for! More details to come!

Nice comfy ride!

Monday, April 27, 2009

8 myles - 1.01:24

Treadmill - 4:00 P.M.
melting snow, mid 30s, cloudy
mind/body - positive/good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 60 minutes easy effort

Actual workout: 8 myles 1.01:24 avg.7:40: 2% incline @ 8.2 MPH

Just gave the legs a spin and little sweat on. I tried to visual the race as much as possible and feel very positive about it. I've spoken to several people or read blogs about different strategies running Miwok and I think the strategy that I like the best actually is a little mish-mash of all of them.

I think it's well known that Miwok can trash your quads pretty quick so I've decided not to bomb any of the downhills and keep my breathing in check going uphill. That will probably keep me around 7 minutes on the downs and 8 to 8:30 on the ups. Climbing is my strong suit so people will probably scream past me on the downs and I will methodically, saunter past them on the ups. In addition, I'm just going to try and lay low out to Pantoll and then let my race begin after that. If I can hold that strategy back into Pantoll I will have a great race! I'm not looking for top 3, like most people for that last chance at WS. I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of people laying it on the line; some will succeed, some will blow up, I just hope not to get caught up in it. If I somehow place top 3 I still won't run WS. MY love, MY superbowl is with Hard Rock! If I cheat on HR, she will find out and make it hell for me. WS?? Someday. But right now I'm obsessed with HR.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

10 myles - 1.08:24

HR urban trails (Fast Eddy 5K)- 6:40 A.M.
clear, low 40s, dry trail
mind/body - ready to go!
easy/hard effort

Prescribed workout: 15 minute warm up/cool down - 20 minutes @ 5:50 pace

Actual workout: 10 myles 1.08:24 avg. 6:50; 5 mile warm up - 5K 18:21 (5:54) - 2 mile cool down

Very good run this morning! Ran at the exact time of the race next week. It took me a little while to get going so I extended the warm up to just over 1/2 hour. The 5K effort was on trail and rolling hills so the effort was maybe a little faster than 5:50 pace. I've done everything that I could to get ready for this race so now it's time to get the monkey off my back. Obviously success would just be to finish Miwok although I do have a time goal in mind...

Friday, April 24, 2009

15 myles - 1.47:04

Waterton Canyon - 6:30 A.M.
mid 70s, dry, little wind
mind/body - ready to go
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 1.30 easy/steady effort

Actual workout: 15 myles 1.47:04 avg. 7:08 - easy/steady effort ~1000 ft elevation

Last medium-long run before Miwok. I felt really good! One of my faster times getting up to Lenny's rest in 56:27 with 1000 ft of climbing. I made it back in 50:37 (avg. 6:44) with 4 myles in the middle in 25:17 (6:19). I have one more workout this week consisting of 20 minutes @ 5:50 pace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 myles - 1.13:36

Matthews/Winters +Zorro - 2 P.M.
mid 60s, partly cloudy, some mud
mind/body - OK
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 75 - 90 minute easy run - push it on the downhills

Actual workout: 8ish myles 1.13:36 avg. 8:39 - kept the HR up on the downs ~2000 ft climbing

So that was the workout for the day, nothing more to say. To be quite honest, I couldn't wait to be done so I could get home and take my son to his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session. I am proud and amazed of my boys each and every day but today my son Jaxon tested for his yellow belt. He has worked so hard over the last 5 months and now he gets to show what he has learned. So today I'm especially proud to announce Jaxon has earned his yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! He thoroughly enjoys going 3 times per week and has met some good friends. Next time you see Jaxon, ask him to show you the rear naked choke or a triangle....

Jaxon with his two instructors - Rich Hess and Big Mike Nichols (UFC fighter)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 myles - 55:31

Daniels Park - 3:00 P.M.
76 degrees! almost dry
mind/body - better

Prescribed workout: 60 - 75 minutes easy pace with 6 x 1 minute hard uphill

Actual workout: 8 myles 55:31 avg. 6:56 - 6 x 1 minute sprints uphill (1:08, 1:08, 1:06, 1:07, 1:06, 1:05)

Much better today! Guess I just needed to get my road legs back from the TM workouts. The hill sprints I did was on the same hill that I clocked my fastest time prior to WTC in 0:58. This time was a little different, instead of recovering at the top my recovery was trip back down the hill. When I got to the bottom I turned around and went back up with no rest. Probably about 15 minutes of quality anaerobic stuff.

Can you believe the snow is completely gone?!?! A foot and 1/2 melted within two days!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

10 myles - 1.11:58

Daniels Park - 3:30 P.M.
70 degrees!!! sunny, partly wet road
mind/body - a little tired
easy/steady effort

Prescribed workout: 60+ minutes easy/steady effort with short hill sprints

Actual workout: 10 myles 1.11:58 avg. 7:11 - 4 hill sprints in the middle - easy/steady effort

Just wasn't into the run today. I was thinking if I got out the door and started running I would warm up - never happened. I just wanted to be done and the hill sprints, which are usually a good refresher, just made it worse. Oh well, we all know there are days like this... I just hope one doesn't fall on May 2nd!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

6 myles - 1.13:14

Treadmill - 4:00 P.M.
60s, sunny, mucky
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 30-60 minutes walking or light running

Actual workout: 6 myles - 1.13:14 - avg. 4.7 MPH; 5 myles - 12% incline @ 4.1 MPH with every 4th lap @ 7 MPH - last mile @ 8.2 MPH flat. ~3200 vert.

Whad'ya mean I can't play on the stairs??

Coulda ran outside on the roads with the 60 degree weather but I gotta stick with my weekly walk/run workout. 3rd straight day on the TM and I think it's starting to show me a lil love.... this walkin thing is gettin easier.

I'm really thankful I got my back to back medium/long runs in earlier in the week because of the weather, otherwise they would have never happened and my confidence would have been shot. I end the week with 69 myles and just a tidge under 10,000 vert. With less than 2 weeks until Miwok, it's time to reduce the mileage and do some shorter, quicker stuff.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

10 myles - 1.20:01

Treadmill - Noon
STILL snowing!
mind/body - good
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 75 - 90 minutes with the last 30 minutes being up tempo
Actual workout: 10 myles 1.20:01 - avg. 8:00 - hill workout ~ 1800 ft elevation
  • 2 mile warm up @ 7.5 MPH - flat
  • 6 x 1 mile repeats: 7 MPH - 7.5 MPH within each mile increasing incline every quarter from 4-7%
  • 2 mile up tempo @ 9 MPH - flat
Tis still snowing! We've got about a foot and 1/2 here in Highlands Ranch and it's the heavy, wet snow that makes for big slushy messes. It would have been nice to get over to the trails fer some high knees but I couldn't get outta my drive way this morning. Oh well, put in another good workout on the TM. This workout went quick because I was constantly changing the speed and elevation. I did 6 x 1 mile repeats of increasing incline and increasing speed; first mile was @ 7 MPH with 4,5,6, and 7% respectively for each quarter, then onto mile 2 @ 7.1 MPH with the same increasing incline, and so on up through 7.5 MPH. It was harder than I thought but was a good simulation of undulating hills in Sausalito.

Don't wait - people are starting to buy socks.... They are scrumptiously comfortable!

Racing stripes to make you go fast

Friday, April 17, 2009

12 myles - 1.27:02

Treadmill - 2:00 P.M.
snowing, thunder/lightning, slushy
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 90 minutes easy/steady effort

Actual workout: 12 myles 1.27:02 - avg. 7:15 - 8.27 MPH easy steady effort

The strangest weather hits Colorado every April! I shouldn't be so surprised anymore but today we have big, heavy snowflakes with thunder and lightning! I must be getting soft in the mind cause I went to the treadmill without hesitation, didn't wanna deal with the slush. The run turned out pretty good, started at 7 MPH and slowly made my way up to 9 MPH by the time I was done. I didn't do any incline today just for the sake of mixing it up.

On another note, did you see I added the link on the side of my blog to purchase socks? Not just any ol sock but THE most comfortable socks in the world - sock guy socks! Buy some, you won't regret it! I only have 70 pairs left so don't wait! I know, I know - they're ugly and will stick out like a sore thumb, right? That's the point! Be original. Wouldn't you rather people stare at your socks?

If you have questions please send me an email to or comment on this blog.

Hey footfeathers - these babies are collector items!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

19 myles - 2.13:12

HR loop - 3:00 P.M.
North wind, dry, partly cloudy
mind/body - tired
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: Mini Miwok simulation - medium/long run
  • 30 minutes 50K effort
  • 75 minutes easy
  • 30 minutes 50K effort

Actual workout: 19 myles 2.13:12 avg. 7:08
  • 5.4 myles - 36:21 avg. 6:43 (trails)
  • 7.9 myles - 59:36 avg. 7:32 (road)
  • 5.4 myles - 37:14 avg. 6:53 (trails)
The plan this week was to get back to back medium long runs in with the second day being the simulation run again. As hard as I went yesterday I knew I was gonna be hurting today. Sure enough on the second 50K effort I really struggled so I'm really surprised I only lost a minute from the first 50K effort. The nice thing is that all of my segment times were faster than Saturday with the same perceived effort - just goes to show you even as tired as I felt I'm having a stellar week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 myles - 1.58:55!

Mt Falcon v1.0 - 4:00 P.M.
overcast, upper 60s, dry trail
mind/body - solid again!
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 2 hour run - hard effort with elevation

Actual workout: 14 myles 1.58:55 avg. 8:22 - Hard effort with ~4500 ft elevation

Finally! I did it! Under 2 hours at Mt. Falcon! I got within 12 seconds last year and remember feeling that was the closest I was gonna get because I was worked, almost to the point of puking. ....much like today (to be honest). The difference was another year of training under my belt while learning how to run faster downhill. But then again maybe I just caught myself on a good day, who knows. I'm just happy with the result! Gives me a great deal of confidence leading into Miwok. For those who know Falcon, here are my splits:
  • Turkey Trot - 17:26
  • Shelter - 29:34
  • Start Parmalee (after 2 dog and walker's) - 50:22
  • End Parmalee - 1.08:51
  • End old Ute (after Tower and Devil's Elbow) - 1.32:57
  • Turkey Trot - 1.46:08
  • Finish - 1.58:55

Monday, April 13, 2009

8 myles - 1.16:15

Matthews/Winters - noon
mid 60s, dry trail, partly cloudy
mind/body - real good!
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 1.15-1.30 easy effort with hill sprints

Actual workout: 8 myles 1.16:15 easy effort with 6 x 1 minute hills sprints - 15% grade. ~22oo ft vert.

Runnin' without a chain today - man I felt great! I just hope I can hit Miwok feeling like this! The irony is that, just like last week, I had my best day running after a fast walk on the treadmill. If it happens again next week, rest assured I will be taking a fast walk in the hills of Sausilito on May 1st.

For those that know Matthews/Winters, the hill that I did repeats on (after my 57:27 loop) is located North East of the Matthews/Winters parking lot on the start of the Dakota ridge trail. I started just North of the gate and each time I tried to make it up to the post (switchback) in one minute. I got within 5 yards on the last one and was worked! I really concentrated on turning to go down hill immediately and just "let it go". I found it very easy to get lazy by not pick up my feet which caused me to stumble a few times. Good quality hill training!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

5 myles - 1.00:45

3:00 P.M. - Treadmill
rain, mid 40s
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 30-60 minutes walking

Actual workout: 5 myles 1.00:45 avg. 4.90 MPH. 3 laps @ 4.1, 1 lap @ 7.0 @ 12% repeated 4 times - last mile @ 8.0

My weekly walk. It's getting easier to maintain 4.1 MPH @ 12% as opposed to two weeks ago when I struggled to keep 3.8 MPH @ 12%. No question this is gonna help me during HR! Transitioning from walking to running and back to walking at an incline is what HR is all about.

I finished my 3rd straight week above 70 myles (this week 75) all while getting an average of 10,000 of vert in per week. Next week I'll get a little less myles but even more quality stuff with elevation and then start a two week taper leading into Miwok.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

29 myles - 3.31:29

HR loop - 6:30 A.M.
mid 30s, North wind, dry trails
mind/body - good/lots o bathroom stops
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 4 hours - Miwok simulation
  • 30 min 50K pace
  • 1.15 easy effort
  • 30 min 50K pace
  • 1.15 easy effort
  • 30 min 50K pace

Actual workout: 29 myles - 3.31:29 - avg. 7:16
  • 5.4 myles 37:36 avg. 6:57 (trails)
  • 7.9 myles 1.01:09 avg. 7:44 (road)
  • 5.4 myles 37:25 avg. 6:55 (trails)
  • 7.9 myles 1.00:50 avg. 7:42 (road)
  • 2.1 myles 14:26 avg. 6:52 (trails)
Actual didn't feel too well this morning. Thank goodness for the several outhouses on this route because I needed ev-er-y one of them! On the bright side of things, I won't have to spend any money on Golytely this month...

I followed the schedule pretty close but as you can see I skipped out on 1/2 of the last 50K effort but the cumulative 50K effort was close to what was prescribed. I still felt strong in the end so I'm hopeful for a strong finish in Miwok. Roger Stones met me about 1/2 way through the workout so he pushed me to a finish strong - thanks Roger! It was kinda nice to have some company for a change.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

11 myles - 1.18:17

HR - East/West trail - 4:00 P.M.
40s, windy, dry trails
mind/body - tired
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 1.15 - 1.30 easy effort

Actual workout: 11 myles 1.18:17 avg. 7:07 easy effort

Highlands Ranch finally opened up the 5.5 mile loop trail by my house so I was eager to get back on it. Nice change of scenery. Although I was a little tired and just wanted to get through the run. I'll take tomorrow off in preparation for my Miwok simulation run on Saturday. That should give me about 74 myles for the week.

When I got home from my run a big box was waiting for me on my doorstep. Inside was the much anticipated sockguy socks that I ordered a month ago. Check em out!

Day glow is in! Racing strips to make you go fast!

I received 132 pairs so if you like green as much as I do and don't want your socks to match anything then you should buy some of these fast socks from me. I'll have the details for ordering on my blog soon

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

9.1 myles - 57:08

Chatfield Res. - noon
70, slight wind, clear
mind/body - solid
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 60 minutes @ marathon pace (6:10-:15)

Actual workout: 9.1 myles - 57:08 - avg. 6:16

Last time I did this workout I hit 56:02 (6:09) right before WTC. So as you can tell since then I've lost a little speed - but that O.K. In all honesty I haven't done any real tempo or speedwork since then so I'm happy to have retained most of it. I went through 10K in 37:12 (6:00) and then I started the rolling hills that slowed me down a bit. But at the end of the day, I felt strong -worked- but strong.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

11 myles - 1.28:06

Mt Falcon - noon
mid 60s, windy, some snow on the trail
mind/body - feelin' good!
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 90 minutes with 8 x 1:30 @ 5K pace

Actual workout: 11 myles - 1.28:06 - avg. 8:00 with 6 x 1:30 @ 5K pace ~3500 ft of elevation

Version 0.75 - Turkey Trot, around Parmalee, cut across Meadow, back down TT. In comparison to this run two weeks ago I was 3 minutes faster today. Probably, in part, due to the 5K surges but nonetheless I felt good today. I really concentrated on going downhill fast! My split around Parmalee was right at 19 minutes, which was my exact split when I was running my best last year. Still patches of slushy snow but if we continue to have the sun we did today it should be gone by the end of the week. ....then again we are in Colorado so it will probably snow tomorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

10 myles - 1.11:57

Daniels Park - 3:00 P.M.
clear, 50s, mostly dry
mind/body - slow to start
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 60+ minutes easy effort with short hill sprints

Actual workout: 10 myles 1.11:57 avg. 7:11 easy effort - 7 x 10 second hill sprints

Started real slow and stiff but warmed up nicely around 4 myles into the run. I stopped at hill on Griggs 2 myles from being done to do the hill sprints and was quite surprised at how stiff my joints felt... or maybe it was how slow my legs felt... or maybe it was my 39 year old body just saying I can't do that a day after a 5+ hour.... Did I say 39?!?! Geez....

Sunday, April 5, 2009

28 myles - 5.32:26

Mt Falcon double - 7:30 A.M.
low 20s to start, 40s to finish, clear, snowy trail
mind/body - good
"easy" (meaning slow) effort

Prescribed workout: 5 hours easy effort with elevation

Actual workout: 28 myles 5.32:26 avg. 11:52 - 7500+ ft elevation gain. Loop 1 - 2.48, loop 2 - 2.44

Met Fish and the Gangly one (Brian Fisher and Todd Gangelhoff) this morning for an epic run up Falcon. Freezing rain yesterday made me nervous about all the possible mud but was pleasantly surprised to find a good layer of snow. The snow was cold and slippery to begin with and since Todd only committed to one loop we "let" him break trail. My family is in Utah so I had time for Falcon version 2.0 whereas Todd opted for version 1.0 and Fish version 1.5 (and just in case you were wondering version 1.0 is every trail within Mt Falcon Park). The higher we went, the deeper the snow - what a concept!! At the top and West side there was about a foot of fresh pow-pow.

As I parted with Fish after his 0.5 loop, I started to feel good. I started the day with a handheld of water and one gel for the first loop. Loop two I picked up a flask of EFS liquid shot, some e-caps, and a new water bottle. The EFS seemed to do the trick as I was started to lose energy from only one gel in almost 3 hours. As the sun got higher in the sky, the snow began to melt and become sticky which means I had better traction for increased leg turnover. Feeling good with better leg turnover late is always a good sign. Coming down the front side to finish loop 2 the snow had pretty much melted and left a sloppy, muddy mess - happy to be done.

So with this run I actually salvage the week with a decent long run. Miwok is 4 weeks away and I'm feeling fit.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

6 myles - 1.13:57

Treadmill - Noon
freezing rain/snow, windy, mid 20s
mind/body - so-so
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 30-60 minutes walking fast

Actual workout: 6 myles 1.13:57 avg. 4.87 MPH - 4.1 MPH x 3 laps, 7 MPH x 1 lap repeated 5 times @ 12% grade. Last mile @ 9 MPH

What a miserable day outside! I was gonna head over to Mt. Falcon this morning but when I woke up at 6 I heard the wind and rain pelting my window. I was surprised there wasn't that much snow (foot or so was predicted) but the freezing rain is what put the covers back on.

Although this workout turned out better than I thought; walking speed 4.1 and threw in a lap @ 7 for a little LT training - repeated 5 times at 12% grade. And because HR is so much transitioning from walking uphill to flat or downhill running, I ran the last mile flat @ 9 and felt great!

The forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be 30s and sunny. My plan is to get to Mt Falcon at 7:30 and hope that most of the mud is covered by snow or at least frozen until I'm done.

Friday, April 3, 2009

13 myles - 1.56:55

Deer Creek Canyon - 1:00 P.M.
upper 50s, cloudy, snowy trail
mind/body - good/legs heavy
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 60+ minutes easy effort

Actual workout: 13 myles 1.56:55 avg. 8:59 - 3000+ ft elevation gain

I missed all my speed work this week. One key workout was to be 60+ minutes @ 6:10 pace. I contemplated that workout for today but opted for the hills. Since this week was pretty much a bust as far as following the planned workouts I figured I couldn't go wrong with hills since HR has a couple of dem "hills".

Lots of snow still on Deer Creek. Around on the Red Cloud loop, anywhere between a skiff of melting ice to drifts 1.5 feet deep - needless to say it was slow and go today. The nice thing is that the snow was soft and sticky so traction was pretty good. The wall could get pretty treacherous if it freezes again as there is a lot of slushy tracks right now.

Even though we're expecting a foot of snow tomorrow I'm gonna venture out to Mt. Falcon and get in what I can. Sometimes when a big snowstorm hits, it turns out to be pretty peaceful in the foothills.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

13 myles - 1.33:37

Daniels Park - 4:00 P.M.
clear, 50s, muddy
mind/body - not so good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 90 minutes with 6 x 1:30 @ 5K pace

Actual workout: 13 myles 1.33:37 avg. 7:12 easy effort; no 5K pace

Actually I'm just happy I made it out today. Spent the last 2 and 1/2 days in a meeting where all we did was sit, eat, and drink. So today was just a run to wash all that food and drink outta my system, in fact, I felt like I was hashing today. Needless to say the week hasn't panned out like I had hoped and with the impending snow storms I'm not very hopeful. BUT I do need to get a 5 hour run in sometime this week...