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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

8 myles - 55:31

Daniels Park - 3:00 P.M.
76 degrees! almost dry
mind/body - better

Prescribed workout: 60 - 75 minutes easy pace with 6 x 1 minute hard uphill

Actual workout: 8 myles 55:31 avg. 6:56 - 6 x 1 minute sprints uphill (1:08, 1:08, 1:06, 1:07, 1:06, 1:05)

Much better today! Guess I just needed to get my road legs back from the TM workouts. The hill sprints I did was on the same hill that I clocked my fastest time prior to WTC in 0:58. This time was a little different, instead of recovering at the top my recovery was trip back down the hill. When I got to the bottom I turned around and went back up with no rest. Probably about 15 minutes of quality anaerobic stuff.

Can you believe the snow is completely gone?!?! A foot and 1/2 melted within two days!!
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