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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

8 myles - 1.13:36

Matthews/Winters +Zorro - 2 P.M.
mid 60s, partly cloudy, some mud
mind/body - OK
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 75 - 90 minute easy run - push it on the downhills

Actual workout: 8ish myles 1.13:36 avg. 8:39 - kept the HR up on the downs ~2000 ft climbing

So that was the workout for the day, nothing more to say. To be quite honest, I couldn't wait to be done so I could get home and take my son to his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu session. I am proud and amazed of my boys each and every day but today my son Jaxon tested for his yellow belt. He has worked so hard over the last 5 months and now he gets to show what he has learned. So today I'm especially proud to announce Jaxon has earned his yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! He thoroughly enjoys going 3 times per week and has met some good friends. Next time you see Jaxon, ask him to show you the rear naked choke or a triangle....

Jaxon with his two instructors - Rich Hess and Big Mike Nichols (UFC fighter)
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