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Monday, April 13, 2009

8 myles - 1.16:15

Matthews/Winters - noon
mid 60s, dry trail, partly cloudy
mind/body - real good!
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 1.15-1.30 easy effort with hill sprints

Actual workout: 8 myles 1.16:15 easy effort with 6 x 1 minute hills sprints - 15% grade. ~22oo ft vert.

Runnin' without a chain today - man I felt great! I just hope I can hit Miwok feeling like this! The irony is that, just like last week, I had my best day running after a fast walk on the treadmill. If it happens again next week, rest assured I will be taking a fast walk in the hills of Sausilito on May 1st.

For those that know Matthews/Winters, the hill that I did repeats on (after my 57:27 loop) is located North East of the Matthews/Winters parking lot on the start of the Dakota ridge trail. I started just North of the gate and each time I tried to make it up to the post (switchback) in one minute. I got within 5 yards on the last one and was worked! I really concentrated on turning to go down hill immediately and just "let it go". I found it very easy to get lazy by not pick up my feet which caused me to stumble a few times. Good quality hill training!
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