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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14 myles - 1.58:55!

Mt Falcon v1.0 - 4:00 P.M.
overcast, upper 60s, dry trail
mind/body - solid again!
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 2 hour run - hard effort with elevation

Actual workout: 14 myles 1.58:55 avg. 8:22 - Hard effort with ~4500 ft elevation

Finally! I did it! Under 2 hours at Mt. Falcon! I got within 12 seconds last year and remember feeling that was the closest I was gonna get because I was worked, almost to the point of puking. ....much like today (to be honest). The difference was another year of training under my belt while learning how to run faster downhill. But then again maybe I just caught myself on a good day, who knows. I'm just happy with the result! Gives me a great deal of confidence leading into Miwok. For those who know Falcon, here are my splits:
  • Turkey Trot - 17:26
  • Shelter - 29:34
  • Start Parmalee (after 2 dog and walker's) - 50:22
  • End Parmalee - 1.08:51
  • End old Ute (after Tower and Devil's Elbow) - 1.32:57
  • Turkey Trot - 1.46:08
  • Finish - 1.58:55
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