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Saturday, December 3, 2011

721 for 140

If you don't know those numbers then obviously this post or invite won't mean a thing. And you live on Mars...

721! 721 frickin applicants for the Hardrock lottery on Sunday, December 4th. Yes, pale in comparison to the 2000 that applied to Western States but I think the odds of getting selected are about the same for both. No doubt WS has more history but my analogy is of a skier: If you want to be seen (and the key word is "seen") on groomed, wide open runs with night life to boot then you go to Vail. If you want to ski (and the key word is "ski") gnarly terrain with tons of fresh powder all day, every day and no night life then you go to Silverton resort. Vail costs a lot of money, Silverton not so much with your own guide... You get my point.

Hardrock is a special race for anyone who has participated. And I say "participated" because it goes beyond just running the event, it's anyone who has volunteered or even spectated. This is a community, i.e. one big family. For the last 7 years my family and I have gone to Silverton the first part of July, almost as a pilgrimage. Last year I did not run but I had the pleasure of crewing and pacing for Nick Clark but my family did not come and it was different. In fact, my wife and father in law were upset when I decided not to run and said, "well, what are we going to do now?" So you see, it gets in your blood. But once you come to Silverton for Hardrock and meet the people and see the amazing scenery, you will know what I am talking about. It's really special.

Anyways, to extend the large family to the front range, Todd Gangelhoff is hosting a Hardrock lottery party on Sunday, December 4th. You don't have to be in the lottery to participate, come over to see what this is all about and go for a run with us before hand. I will be the whipping boy once the lottery is over by all those not selected because I have an automatic entry. And I am proud to say that! I have been on pins and needles every year I have entered. One year I got into the race the day before, that sucked. But what I'm saying is that if you don't get selected there is still hope. The edge of getting off the wait list is around 30 to 35 slots, I was 33 that year...

Here are the specifics:

The Hardrock 100 Lottery Brunch and Happy Hour

It’s better to be disappointed among friends

Fun run starts at 7:30 am

Food, beers and lottery begin

at 11:00 am

Dec. 4th, 2011

5333 Golf Course Dr.

Morrison, CO 80465