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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

19 myles - 2.13:12

HR loop - 3:00 P.M.
North wind, dry, partly cloudy
mind/body - tired
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: Mini Miwok simulation - medium/long run
  • 30 minutes 50K effort
  • 75 minutes easy
  • 30 minutes 50K effort

Actual workout: 19 myles 2.13:12 avg. 7:08
  • 5.4 myles - 36:21 avg. 6:43 (trails)
  • 7.9 myles - 59:36 avg. 7:32 (road)
  • 5.4 myles - 37:14 avg. 6:53 (trails)
The plan this week was to get back to back medium long runs in with the second day being the simulation run again. As hard as I went yesterday I knew I was gonna be hurting today. Sure enough on the second 50K effort I really struggled so I'm really surprised I only lost a minute from the first 50K effort. The nice thing is that all of my segment times were faster than Saturday with the same perceived effort - just goes to show you even as tired as I felt I'm having a stellar week!
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