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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dec 31 - Jan 6 2008

  • Monday 11 myles
  • Tuesday 12 myles
  • Wednesday 9 myles
  • Thursday 8 myles
  • Friday off
  • Saturday 20 myles
  • Sunday off
  • Total 60 myles
Pic of the week - 'ol man Cooper

Cooper is the pic of the week because he has really taken a back seat since Myles was born. We are trying not to forget him but I think he thinks otherwise. Although he has been happy lately because I've been running more and he knows he gets a good 15 minute walk during my cool down. Cooper has been the best dog a person can ever have, he was our first born, and has practically become human. If any of you know Cooper then you know what I'm talkin' about.

This week was another solid week! 4 weeks of building - doubling my myles in that time. Traditionally, as most books recommend, I usually rotate through a 4 week cycle (3 weeks building, 1 week recover). But traditionally I don't take 2 months off of running so I extended my cycle by one week. I feel very good with the base I've built and think that I'll be ready for The Red Hot 50 k+ in February. This week I did a tempo workout, hill workout, a long workout, and two easy workouts. Although I do have to admit that I feel I'm riding the red line as far as the injury bug is concerned.

So since I've broke away from tradition thus far, why stop now? Rather than scale my myles down next week I figure I will do less runs but make them longer. I haven't decided what days I'll be running but if I can do 4 runs, no less than 16 myles each time then I will have a solid foundation for these early spring races. After each run next week I'll take the following day off which will give me an additional day off for the week. We all know how plans work out so stay tuned and see if I can be successful next week.

I've added a new route called Platte river. This is a route that I've run several times in years past when the snow was too much and I was trying to get ready for a flat January or February race. I've mapped out 25 miles point to point but will vary the distance depending upon the race. If I have Nicole drop me off at the start of the Platte river, do an out/back and then run home, that will give me 40 myles and perfect course layout for American River.
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