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Thursday, January 31, 2008

12 myles - 1.37:43

Lone Tree loop - 10:30 a.m.
3" of new snow, mid 20's, clear
mind/body - clear/left calf is tight
easy effort

So Jaxon got home from school yesterday and I asked him where he learned the motto: nothing is impossible. He said he heard it on the movie "The Incredibles". So there you have it, modern day movies can have a positive impact on kids these days.

Nice blanket of new snow this morning. I decided to stay off the mucky roads and went over to the Lone Tree loop. I did 3 loops (22:44, 22:08, 22:36) pretty consistent and really didn't even push the pace. Today was more of a recovery run than anything else. On the way back my left calf started to tighten up, I stopped to stretch but it's still tight. I'm running the red line as far as injury is concerned so I will take tomorrow off and go over to the Sanctuary hill on Saturday.
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