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Saturday, January 19, 2008

27 myles - 3.29:07

Lone Tree loop - noon
clear, mid 30's, no wind, 2 inches of new snow
mind/body - fresh
medium effort

What a great run! Finally the weather is nice again.... at least for today. Another storm and cold front is coming so I gotta make these nice days count. I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to do 10-12 laps at Lone Tree prior to Way Too Cool so I thought today would be a great day to try that. I turned out 10 laps with each lap being 2.7 myles for a total of 27 myles. I'm extremely satisfied with this run for one primary reason - even splits for all 10 laps! In the past I have been known to go out fast because I feel so good and then bonk in the end. Well today I "think" I learned my starting pace for a 50K.

The last two laps were difficult to keep with the even splits because there is a hill toward the end of the loop that is long and grinding, but I managed. Total climbing was 3,690 ft, which is pretty equivalent to both Red Hot 50K and Way Too Cool. My time wasn't blazing (7:44/mile) but with the elevation gain that's actually pretty good for me. WTC under 3.50 this year if my training keeps going this way!

So here are my splits:
  1. 20:54
  2. 20:45
  3. 21:01
  4. 20:42
  5. 21:03 (1.44:29 halfway)
  6. 20:30
  7. 21:04
  8. 20:51
  9. 21:08
  10. 21:03 (1.44:36 second half)
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