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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

16 myles - 1.55:47

Daniels Park - 11:00 a.m.
partly cloudy, high 20's, slight south wind
mind/body - clear/fresh
medium effort

I think I have officially run out "da poison" from my body. I felt great again today! Having said that I really didn't need any extra motivation to get me out the door but I just happened to read a story that Jaxon (my 8 y.o. son) wrote in school. This is what it said: "The Great Ball. Once, not long ago in 1869, something great happened. The Sky got a new constellation. It's name was the great ball. The ball got there by Jaxon Jaime, a famous basketball player. After each game he tried to shoot his ball into the sky. His motto was "nothing is impossible". One night he shot it so hard he saw a light. After that we all saw the ball. The End" Right now he's really into space, UFO's, and basketball if you couldn't pick up on that. But the most amazing thing in this story is his motto! I don't know where he learned that but if he thinks that way already, he will do alright in this life. I'm really proud of him, can you tell?

Anyways back to the not so important stuff, my first/last were: 6:49/6:42, which is the best I've done running 16 myles. Even though my time was slower than yesterday, today I had to navigate 1500 ft. of elevation gain, pretty similar to what the Red Hot 50K + elevation rate is at. Speaking of which, I looked at the entrant list today and my goodness is this going to be a fast race! Kyle Skaggs, Ian Torrence, Karl Meltzer, Tony Krupicka, Johannes Rudolph, just to name a few of the fast guys. I'm sure there are others that I missed but my point being is that as good as shape as I think I'm in, I'll be lucky to be in the top 15! But then again, this is just a training run for me. I have to keep reminding myself because if I "race" Red Hot, turn around 3 weeks later and try to "race" Way Too Cool" I will bonk hard! I would rather have a full on "race" at WTC rather than Red Hot. The new and revised Fast Ed says "pick races to train and pick races to race"
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