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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

9 myles - 1.05:58

Treadmill - 8 A.M.
-10 degrees outside - nuff said
mind/body - dreading it/strong
Hard effort

Prescribed: 60 minutes on the TM - 7:10 pace with 1% increase in incline per quarter till you can't go anymore - 800 recovery flat

Actual: 1.05:58 - 9 myles - 7:13 pace (8.3MPH). 4 sets: 1% to 6% incline per quarter, 800 flat.

Treadmill and speed work should never go together but today it was inevitable with the cold outside. Anyone who went outside today either died or was happy with about a mile run - 10 below this morning.

I made it up to 6% incline at which point I couldn't go anymore. I found myself starring at the light switch on the wall to focus and asking it to take me to a happy place... man I hate the treadmill - it's making me go crazy!
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