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Thursday, December 24, 2009

10 myles - 1.13:29

Daniels Park - noon
17 degrees, snow packed roads, clear
mind/body - not really wanting to run
easy effort

Prescribed: 1.15 easy as recovery

Actual: 10 myles - 1.13:29 - avg. 7:20 - easy

Just puttin' in the myles today - didn't have the urge or desire to be out there. I've got a tough workout coming up over the weekend so for the sake of taking a day off tomorrow I 'had' to be out there today.

On another note, ultras are all about ugly feet as shown in Andy's blog. That prompted me to show you my worst feet. This picture was taken after Hard Rock 2007 - a very wet year. Whose feet look worse mine or Andy's?

This is what happens if you soak your feet for 32 hours
(yes that is actually dirt under my skin)
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