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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

13 myles

South Platte Pkwy - 11:30 A.M.
30s, overcast, partially icy path
mind/body - feeling strong
Hard effort

Prescribed: 30 minutes mp (6:15); 5 minute jog; 30 minutes LT (5:50); 5 minute jog; 1 mile VO2 (5:15)

Actual: 30:40 - 5 myles - 6:08; 8 minute jog; 29:50 - 5 myles - 5:58; 8 minute jog; 1 mile - 5:35

This is probably the best (albeit the toughest) workout I've done to give me some sense of pace.

The path was relatively clear with ice in some stops that didn't slow me down too much except going through the round-abouts. The first 30 minutes I decided to go at a pace that felt comfortable and see what I landed on for an average - came up with 6:08 and I feel very confident with that number. I don't know what will happen late in the race but that's what I'm gonna shoot for.

The second 30 minutes was much, much tougher. It's amazing what 10 seconds per mile will do to you. For the first 3 myles I knew I was pushing it faster but felt like I could hold on.... not so. Last two myles was like pushing molasses through a cheese cloth - sa-low. And it hurt. Even though my last mile was 5:54 I really pushed over the top to get that.

And then came the VO2 mile... Mama Mia! Dead legs, burning lungs, and a feeling I haven't had since High School - the urge to throw up! (on the short stuff) 5:35 is all I could muster but I'm OK with that because I gave it everything I had.
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