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Monday, December 21, 2009

10 myles - 1.07:02

Daniels Park - 11:00 A.M.
50s, overcast, dry
mind/body - good/strong
Hard effort

Prescribed: 1.15 alternating easy pace (7:10) and marathon pace (6:15)

Actual: 10 myles - 1.07:02. Avg. easy pace - 7:20. Avg. marathon pace - 6:02.

This week is all about dialing the marathon pace (mp). And today I was all over the board but only because I chose to run on my home course that has a bunch of rolling hills. When you're trying dial in a pace, hills don't help. So I resorted to perceived effort which I've had success with before. My mp looked like this: 6:00, 6:13, 5:57, 5:58, 6:05. The first two splits were up hill so it was really hard to predict, the next two were downhill and seemed easy. Finally on the last one (relatively flat) I scaled the effort back a tidge, feeling really comfortable, and nailed what I 'think' my mp will be. By the end of the week I will know for sure.

Mexican word of the day: JULY. "Ju tol me ju were goin to tha store but ju went to see Jose. JULY to me! Julyer!"
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