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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

5 myles (4 - 26:51)

Grigs out/back - 9:00 a.m.
clear, mid 50's, South wind
mind/body - ready to go
easy effort

Since I didn't get a chance to get the leg speed up yesterday in the snow I was anxious to get out today. Besides it was such a nice day I hated to waste it.

I went up Grigs to the hill and did two repeats (1:05:64, 1:02:21). The latter was the fastest I've gone up that hill by about 1/2 second. If it were a world record then I'd have an asterisk behind it because it was wind aided. Nonetheless I am very happy with my speed right now and very happy with the way I feel.

On another note, my family comes home today from a week long visit to Utah. I sure do miss them! Being here by myself for a week has made me realize that I can't make it without them, they are my inspiration and driving force! Besides, I'm tired of picking up after myself..... just kidding Nicole.
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