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Saturday, April 26, 2008

14 myles - 2.00:27

Mt. Falcon full loop - noon
low clouds, snowing, damp trail
mind/body - really good
medium effort

27 seconds!! That's all ! 27 seconds separate me from immortality!

Mystical day at Mt. Falcon. The low lying, fast moving clouds were dancing across the hill tops, sprinkling snowflakes down ever so gently. In the valley it was gusting horizontal snow that kept most people away from Falcon today. Normally on a Saturday that place is packed but I pretty much had the mountain to myself. I knew once I got into the trees it would be peaceful... and that it was!

I started the run not knowing if I even wanted to run but knew that I had to get it in. With that mindset I eased into the run but by my first split I knew I was gonna have a good day. I felt very, very strong the entire loop. My breathing was relaxed and my legs were strong. Here are my splits for those who know Falcon:

  • Turkey Trot 17:33
  • Shelter 29:40
  • Start Parmalee 50:25
  • End Parmalee 1.08:58
  • End Ute/Elbow 1.33:39
  • Finished 2.00:27
Breaking two hours on a full loop of Falcon is like breaking the 4 minute mark for the mile or the 600 mph mark in a jet car - not very many people have done it! The only person I know of is Travis Macy (world class adventure racer). Unless you run Falcon at least two times a week for a few years (meaning being very familiar with it), the two hour mark has no significance. Dale Petersen who has run Falcon for over a decade is the one that told me of the two hour mark. I'm sure if more people were aware of it, it might be something to do. But for now those of us few people who even care - I came ever so close! Next time!

If any of you out there know of someone who can or has broken two hours on a full loop of Falcon I'd love to hear about it. btw - a full loop is every inch of every trail.
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