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Saturday, April 19, 2008

23 myles - 2.55:22

Waterton Canyon CT - 11:00 a.m.
mid 70's, clear, gusty at times
mind/body - good
medium effort

Lot's of people out running today, especially at Waterton canyon. Waterton canyon is the start of the Colorado trail that spans 483 myles all the way to Durango. It starts on a dirt road that parallels the Platte river for 6 myles. After 6 myles the fun begins because that is where the single track of the Colorado Trail begins. Switch backs and climbing start immediately. A couple good things with the climbing is that you lose the crowd and the shear beauty begins. I didn't wear any music today because I just wanted peace and quiet... I knew I'd be the only one up there. In fact, the trail was snow covered for a good mile towards the turn around, with very few tracks from people.

I sat at the top and just soaked it in. I had just come from coaching my son's soccer game which is always an adventure. I put everything I know about soccer into this team and it doesn't seem to matter, the boys don't do what they are told. I realize they are only 9 years old but I, at least, want them to be competitive. I feel sorry for Jaxon the most because he only wants to impress me and all I do is yell at him because he doesn't do more. He's fundamentally better than all the boys his age but I think by me being his coach has somewhat stunted his development. This will be the last season I coach the boys and really start to concentrate on Jaxon as opposed to 13 other boys. It's only fair to him that I give him the tools he needs if he wants to continue to play soccer. btw Jaxon played one of his best games today!

....Sorry had to vent a bit but now you know why I sat at the turn around in the serene wilderness. My run back down was uneventful, punched through the snow a few times, stubbed my toe, you know the usual stuff on a trail run. I felt good the entire way, my first/last were: 7:11/7:14, so pretty even all the way around. I thought my time was the fastest on this course but checking my logs from previous years, I have been down to 2.45 a couple of times. Snow certainly slowed me down.

Last but not least, Jaxon is signing up for his first 5K on May 4th. Tomorrow I will take him running about 3 or 4 myles after our soccer game. (his idea, not mine) And that will close out the week with 79 myles.
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