Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Monday, April 14, 2008

14 myles - 1.38:11

Daniels Park - noon
70's!, clear, no wind
mind/body - strong!
medium effort

How can I pass up a beautiful day like today! Springtime in Colorado can be a bit tumultuous so we have to take advantage of days like today. I previously said that training for a hundred anything less than 16 myles is a wimpy effort - I guess that qualifies today's run.

I felt really good and cruising pretty easy. First/last splits were: 6:37/6:29 with an avg. pace of 7:00. I could have easily gone 16 but I know I'm in the realm of injury so as long as I get out each day then I'm good. I wore my Pearl Izumi Peak XC today and I have to admit, the more I wear them the more I like them. They are a minimalist shoe but I think they strengthen my foot and calf, hopefully to prevent any further injury.
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