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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mar 24 - 30 2008

  • Mon - off
  • Tues - 11 myles
  • Wed - 12 myles
  • Thurs - off
  • Fri - 12 myles
  • Sat - 22 myles
  • Sun - off
  • Total - 57 myles
Pic of the week - My feet after 32 hours of Hard Rock

Remember I was having trouble with my big left toe for the past week and a half? Put into perspective, that lil' in-grown toe nail has got nothin' on these feet. If you look close you can see sand/dirt under my skin. I suppose this is what would happen if you kept your feet in a bath tub laced with sand for two straight days.

I think I put up a solid week despite dealing with the toe and glycogen depletion. This week had everything from track work, pavement pounding, trails, and a lil' adventure to boot. I normally run anywhere from 40-50 myles a week before a race and probably would have this week as well but I did some added recreation myles yesterday. My body feels rested and ready to go for AR 50.

Speaking of AR 50, they put up the entrants for the race and I will list my top 10 in a couple days. To give you a little teaser, in my opinion this race will be an epic battle between Tony Krupicka and Todd Braje (WTC winner).

Like I said before, this list has the potential to put 15 runners under 6.30 - unprecedented! I believe I have put myself in good enough shape to be one of those 15. I've gotta be smart though, just like WTC this race will be fast outta the gate. I have to make sure I don't clip along faster than 6:50/mile in the beginning. Naturally I will slow down but if I can maintain at least a 7:30/mile by the end I will be under 6.30.

Moving into next week I hope to rest tomorrow, run Tues and Thurs and then a little loosener on Friday when I get to California. The runs on Tues/Thurs will just be sharpeners to get my leg speed up but nothing too heavy.

I'll leave you with a quote: The only way to define your limits is to go beyond them
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