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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mar 17-23 2008

Pic of the week - Happy Easter everyone!

  • Mon - 18 myles
  • Tues - 12 myles
  • Wed - 10 myles
  • Thurs - 6 myles
  • Fri - off
  • Sat - 31 myles
  • Sun - 4 myles
  • Total - 81 myles

It definitely has been a mixed week. Started with a semi-long run on Monday that worked out pretty good although I was still a little sore which bothered me a bit. Then followed that with 3 consecutive days of mid length runs. All in all I ran 6 days this week for a total of 81 myles, which I'm extremely happy about. Less than two weeks to go until AR 50 and this is the kind of week I needed to be confident.

I guess the reason I say "mixed" is for two reasons: 1. Because mid way through the week I got an infected left big toe. I'm not gonna say it was an ingrown toenail because it's gone now, but I will say it was inflamed (hurt like a mutha humma) and oozing with pus. And 2. Because I was supposed to do 40 yesterday and came up short with 31. I don't think I would have made it 40 without hurting myself... I'm just glad AR 50 wasn't yesterday. It may have been due to the food I ate the day before (pizza, fried crab cakes, and 3 Green Flash drafts) because after some pasta last night I felt great today.

Speaking of food and diet.... I weigh 162 right now and I have not been eating very good since WTC. I rationalized my diet by saying "I need to fully recover before AR50" And since I weigh 162 with my race weight being 158, I will spend the next week back on my rabbit diet. I have found it good practice two weeks before the race to minimize my calories to less than 2000/day so that I can deplete my glycogen stores and teach my body to burn fat efficiently. Then 5 days before the race reload my glycogen stores by "carb loading" for 3 days. I'll be on my own next week as my family will be in Utah visiting. This will make it easy for me to minimize my calories per day by eating puffed rice breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Before I end with a quote I wanna congratulate my good friend Aric Manning for getting a PR of 2.32 at the Buffalo 25 K on Saturday - Half an hour faster than last year! Keep on, keeping on Aric! Only 5 months of good training before the Wasatch 100 - no looking back and NO training lapses from here on in!

There are basically 3 types of people: The unsuccessful, the temporary successful, and those who become and remain successful. The difference is character.

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