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Monday, March 17, 2008

18 myles - 2.07:42

Chatfield loop - 11:00 a.m.
overcast, low 30's, 2" of snow
mind/body - good
easy effort

Actually 18.5 myles but who's counting right? I've done my far share of rounding UP so it's about time to round DOWN. I had a few hours between appointments today so I did the quick change in the car and bolted.

Chatfield is not a new route but the way I did it today was new. Since AR 50 is mostly pavement pounding I thought I'd stay on the road around Chatfield and simulate a bit. This loop is relatively flat with only two very easy climbs. Initially, I wanted to hit 7:30's which would bring me around a loop in 1.08 (and change) for 9.1 myles. First loop was 1.03:59, which comes out to be 7:01/mile. A little faster than I wanted but felt fine. The hard part is maintaining that pace for the second loop: 1.03:37 for loop dos (6:59/mile). The reason I wanted to hit 7:30's today is because that is the pace I need to maintain for 50 myles to get 6.15 at AR 50. The body really starts to deteriorate after 40 myles so in reality I need to give myself a 15 minute buffer to get my target time of 6.30.
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