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Saturday, March 1, 2008

14 myles - 1.42:20

Daniels Park - 10:30 a.m.
mid 50's, clear, stiff North wind
mind/body - clear/left calf aches
easy effort

Wasn't feelin' in today so I cut my run short by 2 myles. It's not worth pushing to risk an injury. I've had a good hard week thus far. My left calf is giving me fits right now, although it doesn't seem serious I don't want it to get any worse. Now it's time to rest up for a couple days and get ready for the race.

After my run today I went to the gym to weigh myself.... 158 on the button! That was my goal weight! The diet that I've been on for almost 3 weeks now is paying off. My calorie intake has been around 2000/day regardless of workouts and I haven't had any of the following foods: cheese, sat. fat, ice cream, candy, beer, bread, meat, and nothing fried. So what have I been eating?? Hot creamed rice in the morning, power bar for lunch, bowl of cheerios for snack, steamed veggies, black beans/rice, or pasta for dinner, and a couple bowls of puffed rice for an evening treat. I've really tried hard to seek out whole foods with smaller portions more often. I can't stay at 158 because my glycogen stores aren't full so for the next week I'll eat more complex carbs, larger portions, and increase my calorie intake to 3500/day. I'll probably gain 2 or 3 lbs but that's the weight I'll burn off in the race.
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