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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Feb 25 - Mar 2 2008

  1. Mon - 8 myles
  2. Tues - 10 myles (LT)
  3. Wed - off
  4. Thurs - 8 myles (hill)
  5. Fri - 6 myles
  6. Sat - 14 myles
  7. Sun - off
  8. Total - 46 myles

Pic of the week - Sporty new Smith headbands

Will anyone take me serious if I wear this headband during the race? Well that's the plan! My hope is that after the race is said and done people will talk about "that guy" with the red, white, and blue headband that ran away with the race.... O.K. so maybe not run away with the race but I hope to, at least, make an impression and get a good time. Gotta keep it fun and light hearted, right??

So with out further ado I am going to list my top 10 for Way Too Cool. I'm also going to list a PR for some of these runners to give you an idea of how fast they are: Red=marathon PR, blue=Way Too Cool PR. Here they are:

  1. Erik Skaggs (faster than Kyle)
  2. Matt Carpenter - no need to list times for this dude
  3. Galen Burrell - 2nd to Matt at Pikes Peak a couple of times
  4. Thomas Reiss - 2.32
  5. Hal Koerner - 2.35, 3.46
  6. Eric Grossman - always fast
  7. Lewis Taylor - 3.41
  8. Ian Torrence - 2.42, 3.36
  9. Brad Mongold - 3.43
  10. Dan Olmstead - 2.26
And the scary thing about this list is that I didn't even mention: Kenny Brown 2.26 or Michael Cook 2.23 or Guillermo Medina or Roy Rivers 3.50 or Eric Skaden 3.51 who could easily break through the top 10. So now do you see what I'm talkin' about Way Too Cool being a National, Premier event? All the fast roadies come out of the woodwork because WTC is a great non- technical race to seg-way into the ultra scene. One caveat here, I have heard that Galen Burrell has been hurt and isn't race fit so if that's true then he could slip to 10th or not even show up. These are the names that I recognize to be fast but there will always be some dude or a couple of dudes that show up that no one has ever heard of and steal the show, so expect that.

As for me.... and my new headband, I hope to NOT fall apart in the last 5 myles and post a time in the 3.40 range. I read an entry in my log book from last year and I wrote that I thought I was capable of 3.42, I still think that's true but I have to have a perfect race. Perfect to me is: NOT going out too fast, drink plenty of water, and eat the appropriate amount of calories. We all know that's always the trick: drink enough but not too much, eat enough but not too much, and how fast is too fast to start?

For the coming week, I'm going to lay low and take Monday and Tuesday off. I'm headed to Phoenix, AZ for a meeting so hopefully it will be warm so that I can acclimate a bit. I've heard the whether in Auburn is going to be a low of 42 and a high of 61, perfect running whether. Speaking of whether here, yesterday was a record high of 74 and today was a high of 28 and tons of snow - gotta love Colorado!

Quote of the week: "The measure of a man is not where he stands in the moment of comfort and convenience but where he stands during times of challenge and controversy"
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