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Monday, February 1, 2010

9 myles - 1.00:29

Lone Tree loop - 4:00 P.M.
40s, clear, dry
mind/body - solid
Hard effort

Very nice day today. I tried to get up this morning before work but couldn't drag my butt outta bed. I was gonna do 6 this morning and then do a tempo workout this evening. I'm not a big fan of a two-a-days but I need to bump up the mileage a bit over the next few weeks.

This run is almost two myles to the Lone Tree loop and then 2.61 on the loop. My tempo consisted of two loops: 16:34 (6:20) and 16:24 (6:17). Pretty good times considering about 350ft of elevation gain on dirt.

And the saga continues with the Phoenix RnR marathon. It appears they are going to pay Ken and I $750 each because we had identical chip times. I'm OK with that if that's what the rule says about awarding prize money - but it doesn't. What I'm more pissed about than anything else is they tried to justify their reasoning by saying I lined up in the elite corral - not true! Totally bogus! Here is Matthew Turnbull's email message:

After speaking with all parties over email or otherwise the decision on how to hand out prize money is as follows:

Both Ken Pliska and Scott Jaime will be awarded $750 each. The reasoning is because both had identical chip timing. Scott Jaime actually started in the elite athlete corral when he should have in fact started in corral number 1 to which he was assigned.

I hope all agree that this is the fairest way to solve this issue.

Best wishes

30 seconds before the start they allow everyone to move forward towards the start line. I moved forward with the group, behind a guy with a walkie-talkie. Basically what they are saying is that my gun time was better because I moved forward too close to the elites. Was there a separation between the elite and corral #1? No. I was surrounded by all the guys I was standing around in corral #1. Ken I'll still buy you a beer, not a big beer, but a beer nonetheless.

I know, I know what am I bitching about right? $750 is still $750 and more than I started with but it's the principle of doing the right thing
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