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Saturday, February 13, 2010

30 myles - 3.43:26

Chatfield - 11:30 A.M.
30s, snow/mud, South wind
mind/body - strong
Hard effort

I can't remember a time when the wind wasn't blowing out at Chatfield. Boy did it reek havoc on my plans for a fast second loop today! I was hoping by the time I got around to the second loop that wind would die down. But it only got stronger. And to make matters slower the Highline Canal was trashed with snow/mud mix and rutted from all the horses. Not ideal at all today.

My plan was to come around the first loop with 7:30s and then second loop in 6:20s. First loop was even slow with a 1.56:34 (7:46 avg.) and I knew there was no way for the second to get close to 6s. So I got the most out of it I could on the second using the wind. From mile 18 to 24 the wind was at my back with a slight uphill in the dirt: I ended up with 38:37 (6:26 avg.) for the 6 mile stint. As soon as I turned the corner (North) by Waterton Canyon the wind smacked me in the face and slowed me to a crawl. I still felt good but I was working waaay too hard to even try to get under 7s anymore so I just coasted in. I did, however, crank out the last mile in 6:30 as it was protected from the trees and on pavement. Second loop was 1.46:52 - 7:07 avg.

In the end a solid workout. Didn't go the way I planned but I'll have another opportunity at something like this (not as long) before Caumsett 50K. Speaking of Caumsett, I hope they have the race with all the snow they're getting back East. Maybe Kulak will get off the couch and show up.
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