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Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 myles - 2.18:53

High Line Canal - 11:00 A.M.
20s, snowing, packed/slippery snow
mind/body - good/strong
easy effort

Last night when thinking about this run I wanted to get a time around 2.10... kinda scrapped that idea once I saw the snow this morning. Man I felt good starting so I decided to make this some sort of cut down run. Starting at 8 pace I worked down to 6:16 for the last mile - 6:56 pace avg. It may not seem that impressive but there were places on the trail where the snow was cold (slippery) and deeper, making 7:30s lots of work. There were a few myles in the middle where I wasn't able to get faster but in the end I made sure I finished fast and strong. No water with me today but I did take one flask of EFS liquid shot and nipped at it every 15 minutes, good energy throughout. So just like last year, EFS liquid shot and water will be my nutrition plan for this year for 100K and below.

On another note, I've changed my race schedule a bit. I've elected to do Zane Gray 50 on April 24th instead of Spring Desert Ultra. Timing works out better for me race wise, plus I have a work meeting in Phoenix the week before Zane Gray. Not to mention I'll get to run some myles with PI-Smith teammate Josh Brimhall.
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