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Sunday, February 7, 2010

8 myles ~ 1.15

Lone Tree loop - noon
20s, snowing, pleasant
mind/body - good
easy effort

Today was a great run! Not only was it peaceful with the snow lightly falling but Jaxon joined me for 6.2 of the 8 myles. Jaxon did a great job for his first time trying to run for that long. Sure he's gone up to 15 myles but that was all walking. I tried to explain even running 1/2 that distance with little or no training is tough to do. In addition it was snowing so it's a lot harder to get all bundled up and brave the elements - but he did it and ran most of the way. I told him the deal is that in order for me to let him do the 25K he has to run the entire 6.2 mile loop before the race.

Oh I almost forgot, I'm 13th on the wait list for the Hardrock Hundred. Just goes to show you that even with 6 tickets, it's the luck of the draw. On average 30 people on the wait list get in every year with last year being an abnormally low year of only 22. I have a feeling this year will be a little higher because of a higher number of 1st timers (freaking out right about now) and for the simple fact that no one had to send money in yet. I've come off the wait list two other times (#5 and #34) with one of those times getting in the day before. How does Browneye get in every year??
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