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Monday, February 22, 2010

10 myles - 1.06:39

Daniels Park - 9:00 A.M.
teens, snow/mud mix, foggy
mind/body - good/strong
Hard effort

Kinda strange to have it be so cold and the ground so warm. The snow was melted on the main roads and became a snow/slush/mud mix on Grigs (dirt road). It's crunch time for Caumsett so the myles have to be quality. Undeterred by the conditions the plan was 7:30s out and then 6s back, turned out like this: 7:25 avg. out and 5:54 avg. (5:56:52:52:55:58) back. Coming back was tough and I can tell you I felt like I was hitting 5:30s with the lungs searing and dead legs. Initially I would have been happy with 6:15s but I pushed a little out of my comfort zone to hurt myself. Glad it's over.

Got an email today confirming my entry into Caumsett and it linked to USATF members running. There will be others (not USATF) but this was my first look to see who is running. Gives me a good sense of competition, only recognize a couple names though. Who's this Michael W.? Never heard of him....
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