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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

9 myles - 54:38

Chatfield - 1:00 P.M.
30s, a little snow, SW wind
mind/body - strong again
Hard effort

When you feel it, you gotta go with it. No chain today my friends. Actually a total of 10 myles including warm up but whose counting.... I started the run with the intention of hitting 6:10s but as I went through 2 myles in 11:40 I thought I might crack 54 this time... didn't happen - remember the wind thingy out at Chatfield? Went through 6 myles in 36:02 and then turned the corner to face the wind, slowed me down just a tad. Ended up with 6:04s

As I was going through this run I realized I have found a 'sweet spot' -if you will- as far as speed goes. When I'm right at 6 pace I am comfortable yet feel like I'm dangling on the red line, when I dip into the 5:50s I noticed I change my step, choppy then bigger strides, to try and keep pace. I now know when I start to do that the pace is a bit much for an extended period of time.

Still shook up a bit about Jenna Gruben... reality check - life is fragile. Live every moment of your life.
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