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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

12 myles - 1.26:57

HR urban trails
SE strong wind, low 30s, muddy/slushy
mind/body - good
easy effort

Prescribed workout: 90 minutes easy effort - keeping HR up on downhills

Actual workout: 12 myles 1.26:57 avg. 7:14 easy effort - not much downhill running

With the recent snow dump the trails are really muddy/slushy so I had to keep to the dirt roads for the most part. The minimal trail section I did get on was very slippery with mud so I wasn't able to keep the speed up. I've got a two day meeting starting tomorrow so my running is gonna take a hit but hopefully I'll be able to get on the TM for some fast uphill hiking.

I end March 09 with 240 myles. In comparison, March 08 I had 230 myles so relatively the same amount of myles. I figure April will be somewhere around 300 in preparation for Miwok.
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