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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

11 myles - 1.31:09

Mt. Falcon - Noon
dry, mid 50s, partly cloudy
mind/body - better
Easy effort

Prescribed workout: 75 - 90 minutes with hills - easy effort

Actual workout: 11 myles 1.31:09 avg. 8:17 ~4000 ft elevation gain

Finally back at Mt. Falcon! My dear old friend that I have a love/hate relationship with.... I just love it when I'm done! Falcon is never easy no matter how slow I go but I told myself I would just take it nice and easy to get my butt over there. I've been fighting this cold for the last 3 days and have felt miserable so I was just happy to be out. My route was up Turkey trot and then around to Parmalee in which I'm usually about 6 - 10 minutes faster but a good starting point for the year. One thing I did different this time is I tried to keep my HR up while going downhill and just let myself go. I missed you Mt. Falcon, I'll be back soon....
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