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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

10 myles - 1.09:11

Treadmill - 10:00 A.M.
upper 40s, partly cloudy, dry
mind/body - good
Hard effort

Prescribed workout: 75 minutes Kenyan cut down starting at 8 pace, add 0.1 MPH every 0.25 mile AND THEN throw in 4% grade on the last quarter each mile. Finish remaining time @ 6:30 pace

Actual workout: 10 myles 1.09:11 avg. 6:55. Started at 8 pace (7.5MPH), finished at 6:11 pace (9.8 MPH), remaining time @ 6:30 pace.

Ah yes - the famous Kenyan cut down workout! As if it wasn't tough enough to begin with?!?! Paul threw in a 4% grade every 4th quarter mile! Today I went to the local rec center to see if there was a difference in treadmills. I surprised myself at how far I made it so maybe my treadmill is a little tweaked because it seemed a little easier today. But nonetheless the last two @ 4% were tough at 9.4 and 9.8 MPH! I started to feel the lactate build up but then it was time to bring it back down so a quarter mile was just about right. On the flip side of that I noticed when I was level I was cruising pretty effortless.

I'll admit from week to week I'm always intrigued by what Paul throws my way but I think he may be a little sadistic...
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