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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 myles - 3.14:16

HR urban trails - Noon
teens, cold wind, mud/ice/snow
mind/body - recovering from cold
easy effort

Felt decent today despite the cold temps and the cold in my nose - Although I think I've finally turned the corner (fingers crossed). With the looming back to back long runs coming up for the next few weeks I decided I would back up my 1.30 run from yesterday with my long run of the week. I basically just left the house not really knowing where I was going only that I needed to get 3 hours in. I ended up hitting everything from dirt roads, icy/muddy trails, upscale neighborhoods, asphalt, and even a little grass on the golf course.

Prescribed workout: 3 hour run @ or around 8:30 pace with the a run/walk combo.

Actual workout: 23 myles 3.14:16 with a 8:26 pace. I skipped the first walk at 28 minutes and then hit everyone after that for a 28/2 ratio. Every time I walked I ate a GU Roctane gel for a total of 6 without any GI upset. I felt great the entire time! I honestly think eating something every 1/2 hour is gonna cure me of my late race blunders. In addition, one of my sponsors Nathan Hydration sent me a new pack to try out - It's called the Blizzard (obviously for cold weather) - worked like a charm!

Gee whiz with all these long runs and regimented training you'd think I was training for a winter flat, sea level 100 mile race.....
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