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Friday, December 26, 2008

12 myles - 1.22:53

South Platte River Pkwy - Noon
mid 30s, stiff North wind, partly cloudy
mind/body - fearful/eager
Hard effort

Well the workout didn't go as planned but partly due to the wind. In this case, time didn't matter as much as much as knowing my effort.

Prescribed workout: 15 minute warm up/cool down with 30 minutes @ 5:50 LT pace in the middle

Actual workout: 12 myles 1.22:53 avg 6:54: 25 minute warm up - actually felt fast and light on my feet so I was eager but it didn't turn out that way - 30:32 for 5.1 myles for an average of 5:59 (last time 30:02 for 5:53 avg). It was a North wind so I had the wind at my back going out with my first and second myles @ 5:43 and 5:51. Breathing and form were relaxed. I didn't realize how bad the wind was until I turned around so I was forced to lower my head and chop my steps thus my turnover was more rapid. I honestly couldn't get below a 6 minute mile coming back - Cooked in the end! I headed back to the car for a return trip of 27 minutes.

One thing these LT workouts are doing for me is building confidence. I run stronger when running longer and it seems as though I'm cruising at a faster pace. Each week I'm fearful of these LT workouts but I think that's in part due to fear of not seeing progress. Sure they hurt and that's the other part of the fear, no one likes to hurt. In the end though I would rather hurt more now than hurt later in a race - the race is the celebration!
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