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Monday, December 15, 2008

20 myles Happy B-day - 2.44:00

Treadmill - noon
3 degrees outside!, everything frozen, warmer in the garage
mind/body - dreading it
easy effort

What a day to remember! First and foremost it's my son Myles first birthday - Happy Birthday son! To commemorate his birthday I hopped on the treadmill to run 2 hours and 44 minutes - the exact time he was born a year ago. I have never run sooo far on the treadmill! 82 laps on the track! A while back I was going to try and run a marathon near his b-day at or under 2.44 but I chickened out so this is what I resorted to - I should have gone for the marathon PR!

The prescribed run was 2.45 easy pace running 8 minute/mile while adding a run/walk combo. I have never walked in a training run on a flat course but I was intrigued to try it. I set the treadmill at 7.5 mph for 28 minutes then took it down to 3.8 mph for 2 minutes and then back up to 7.5 mph and so on... I continued this for entire run. Ended up with a 8:12/mile. Each time I walked I ate an GU Roctane for a total of 5 gels in 2.44 - I felt good even when I was done! This really was an "ah-ha" moment for me - most of the time I will run the same pace in my training runs which is below LT but above easy pace - I considered it a medium effort. My coach has given me specific weekly plans that are easy or hard - no medium. I like it and have a funny feeling it's gonna take me to another level!

On another note, Squaw Peak posted their lottery results and it looks like I made it in. Meltzer, Belshaw, and Shilling (all previous winners) showed up on the list as well so it will be a fast one! My race schedule is shaping up nicely. So far Way Too Cool, Miwok, and Squaw Peak.

Jaxon wanted to get in the mix so Dad helped out

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