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Friday, December 5, 2008

18 myles - 2.04:07

Platte River out/back - 2:00 p.m.
mid 40s, overcast, a little damp, no wind
mind/body - feeling good
medium effort

It was about a month ago when I said I would try a 20 mile test run under 2.10 before Thanksgiving to determine if I was ready for a marathon PR - glad I didn't move forward with that....

Today I ran the course that I trained on for American River - all bike paths. I made a half-hearted effort to see where I was at but it didn't turn out like I hoped. I made the 9 mile turn around in 59:41 (6:37 pace) and felt great but that was all down hill - 1634 ft of downhill. The real test was to come back in the same time - didn't happen. I came back in 1.04:17 (7:08 pace) but really bonked at the end. I realize I was climbing but the effort seemed a little much and didn't have any water or gels. I figure if I want to get in the 2.40 range for a marathon then I should be able to do this course under 2 hours - even with the climbing. And I should be able to make a negative split - end with fast legs.

So I'm not ready for a marathon PR in the 2.40 range but that's O.K. - it's only December. If I can do something like this every two weeks (showing progress) I should be ready sometime in February. That's sets me up for a fast WTC in March - probably break Uli Steidl's record of 3.18.... Phhhhffffttttt - yeah right!
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