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Friday, October 22, 2010

9 myles - 1.05:00

Southridge Treadmill - 8:00 AM
hot and steam in that room
mind/body - better than yesterday
hard effort

I had planned for 6 x 1 mile @ 5:50 pace today but I just didn't feel like driving over to Chatfield. In fact, I was going to throw in the towel today (11 myles yesterday felt terrible) but Jaxon suggested we go to the gym. How can I pass that up?!?! Jaxon has a mile test next week in school so he wanted to get a little practice on the indoor track.

I resorted to the treadmill, specifically the dreaded Kenyan cutdown with a little twist. The Kenyan cutdown is basically starting at 7 MPH and increasing 0.1 MPH every lap or 1/4 mile, going up to 10 MPH. The twist was increasing the incline to 4% on every 4th lap. I'm happy to say I made it all the way through to 10 MPH! The last 4% @ 9.7 MPH was very hurtful but even more-so was trying to recover flat @ 9.8 MPH. I'm sure people around me thought I was going to die. This workout is all about recovering with a fast pace. What an ingenious workout Paul crafted for me last year!

Speaking of treadmills, what do you think of this one? Woodway makes a very fine TM but they're not cheap so I'd like to get some input before I take the plunge. Does anyone have any experience on this machine?

Non-motorized Woodway Curve
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