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Monday, October 18, 2010

12 myles - no time

Daniels Park - 7:00 AM
40s, clear, dry
mind/body - clear/strong
Hard effort

Coming off a "day off" is always a good mini test to see what race day is gonna feel like. I ran 9 days straight with 118 myles prior to yesterday so yesterday was refreshing.

The air was crisp this morning but felt good. 4 mile w/u and c/d to and from "the hill". And then 10 x 1 minute @ 10% grade. And just for my future reference here are the splits: 1:03:01, 1:02:87, 1:03:44, 1:01:19, 1:01:25, 1:02:19, 1:01:50, 1:01:50, 1:01:31, 1:01:25. The trend is that I was getting faster and that's what I wanted. On each one the legs were getting heavy the last 20 seconds with the last 3 sets above LT. I figure the last 3 is where I started to build up my LT a bit. Last time I did this workout during my marathon build up I was hitting 1 minute flat but that was after 5 weeks of speedwork so these numbers today are a good sign.

On another note, check out this photo below. My father in law sent me this photo of this guy taking a self portrait recently in South Dakota. He had no idea the cat was there until he got home and saw the photos. Makes me wonder how many times cats are watching me.

The eyes on the cat are just creepy

And last, what do you think of the latest BCS rankings? What a terrible system! OU goes from 6 to 1 over Boise State and TCU? Not to mention Oregon! C'mon. The system is seriously flawed. I guess Boise State will just have to beat OU, again....

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