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Saturday, October 23, 2010

18 myles - 2.39:34

Deer Creek - 8:00 AM
40s, clear, dry
mind/body - good
easy effort

18 myles in 2.39:34 AND one large Domino's pizza in 8:45 that is!

The day started with a casual run over at Deer Creek. I started out at the lower parking lot in South Park to gain some extra elevation (3137 ft of climbing total) and mileage. Not too many people out this morning, for whatever reason, which is just fine by me. Deer Creek attracts a ton of mtn bikers on the weekend and last time I wore headphones -a mistake- because on Red Cloud loop several bikers brushed passed me with scowls on their faces - my bad. I took the headphones again but this time took them off around Red Cloud. Go figure, didn't see bikers up there. Nice day all around and would have liked to stay longer but I had another challenge to get to...

The annual CRUD party was at JT and Katie's Hacienda and the second eating challenge - A large Domino's cheese pizza as fast as you can. Thank goodness Tim Hola wasn't there! In my opinion, I only had to beat JT for some braggin rights. Only 4 people participated: Paul, Rick, JT, and myself. Muzzy, who was a ringer for the burrito eating contest, elected not to participate (probably good for me). I won't bore you with the details cause the video that Harsha took (coming soon) tells the story. What you need to know is that I CRUSHED JT! My time 8:45. JT's time 12:40. Almost a full 4 minutes. Rick came in second around 10 minutes and Paul DNF'd. It might be a good thing Paul DNF'd cause Myles kept trying to steal a piece of my pizza and when I ate the last one Myles buried his face in a chair and started crying! It was either DNF or beat JT... Good times all around! I will admit though, half way through the pizza I had a sudden urge to throw up. Mouth started salivating and the gag reflex started but then I started bouncing up and down and that seemed to push the food down. A little trick I learned from Hola at the burrito eating contest. I was stuffed, a painful stuffed. But not Rick. Rick ate his pizza and proceeded to eat a pork sandwich, washing it down with beers. Ooof! I'm still stuffed.

Two at a time for me while Paul is eating like a bird
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