Photo courtesy of Andrew King - D4 Productions

Thursday, October 28, 2010

14.5 myles - 2.08:32

Mt Falcon v1.0 - 8:30 AM
40s, windy, sunny
mind/body - coming around
easy effort

Met up with JP this morning over at Falcon. Was really unsure how my body would feel but I committed to being there and glad I did.

Jim led the way to the shelter and I was happy to ride his coat tails. Sure was happy when he had to tie both his shoes cause I was not liking the first 10 minutes or so. We made the shelter in a steady 31:26 and then made our way around for a full loop. It really wasn't until the shelter I started to feel half way decent, which was a clear sign this junk was nearly out of my system. I was climbing well and felt better the longer we went. We never really pushed the pace but it was steady on everything. And it was certainly good to get out with someone to mix it up cause neither one of us would have gone 14 on our own.

My Highgear barometric altimeter reads 3014 ft of climbing, Jim's GPS reads 2903, and MapMyRun (mmr) GPS lists it as 2093 ft of climbing. I'll take the 3014 ft. Also mmr gives a distance of 14.90 myles (without that straight line at the end in the map above), Jim's GPS gives 14.26 myles - FWIW.
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