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Friday, October 15, 2010

8.5 myles - 1.03:34

Lone Tree + loop - 8:00 AM
70s, clear, dry
mind/body - sluggish
easy, easy effort

Never snapped out of being lethargic on this run but I know how important it is to get out following a hard run. Definitely Indian summer right now as we sit in the 80s going into the weekend.

In years past, October has been my down month so I really thought I'd be dreading the runs... hasn't been that bad. In fact, I feel solid both physically and mentally - looking forward to competing at Mt Masochist and then shutting it down in November. I bought a season ski pass for myself and Jaxon so that will force me to take it easy (running wise) through the early part of 2011.

Tomorrow at Mt Falcon. Changed the time to 6:30 AM if anyone wants to join.

Cool interview over here on my friend Tim Hola. Very classy and humble guy! 12 times in a row at Kona! And footage of the Timex guys finishing.
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