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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where's Waldo - 10.52 11th place

Rather than a full detailed report I decided to jot down a few random thoughts and let you have fun putting them together. Post a comment if something doesn't make sense.

Oregon is green and beautiful - Everyone in Eugene loves the ducks and has a beard (I mean everyone!) - It's pronounced Wil-LAM-ette and not Willamette - If you feel like junk going into the race, you will probably feel like junk during the race - ExLax takes 12 hours to work - Linda Barton did not need the early start, she did just fine - I have a lot of strength and no endurance right now - my expectations were under 10 - S Caps don't work for me - Where's Waldo is one of the best races I've run (course, course marking, volunteers, and beauty) - Mark Lantz, Erik Skaden, Jace Ives, Victor Ballesteros, Craig Thronley, Grae Van Hoosier, Ashley and Josh Nordell, Linda Barton, Lewis Taylor, Dan Olmstead (and wife), Tim Olsen (and girlfriend?), all cool people! - Tim Olsen stole a Patagonia backpack and sweater from me - Did I mention ExLax takes 12 hours to work? - My wife is really cool for letting me spend money and not bring any home - Tim Olsen and Dan Olmstead ran stellar races - I am in some sort of funk right now - AJW's voice prevented me from DNFing at mile 20.5 - The Angel/Devil thing at The Twins A.S. was really cool and well thought out - I didn't have as much fun as I wanted to - Maiden peak is not that big of a climb (after Hard Rock) - I drank 5 cokes post race - I need to sort some things out as far as running goes - The Bear 100 is in jeopardy....
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