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Monday, August 30, 2010

7.2 myles - 1.46:37

Mt Bierstadt - 7:00 AM
40s to 60s, occasional cloud, dry
mind/body - strong
hard effort

Made a quick trip up to Bierstadt via 287 with Tim Hola. My 6th 14er and Tim's 7th. Tim is training for his umpteenth Ironman Hawaii so this was a rare opportunity to get out and climb a mountain with him - good times my friend!

My initial goal was to run every step to the top... I quickly re-evaluated the situation at 12,800 ft and decided I was actually hiking faster than my 'so called' run/shuffle. We started from the upper parking lot and made quick work of the summit in 59:45. Didn't descend much faster (46:52) but that's OK because in my mind the work was done getting to the top. Such a beautiful morning with lots of people out for a Monday.

Tim decided to skin up his knee as a memory of Bierstadt

Me and my Semi-Pro headband and old school PI track jacket

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