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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 myles - 1.02:25

Matthews Winters - noon
70s, muddy/slush, windy
mind/body - good/stiff legs
easy effort

I guess it's that time when I start adding up all the elevation - no more flat, black tarmac for the rest of the year (I hope). Today was a nice, easy loop around Matthews Winters with just about 1000ft of climbing. I would presume this is the perfect route training for Zane Gray because of all the rocks. Getting up on the Hogback the smell of the Ponderosa pines takes me back to the Colorado trail last summer, in particular, the section above Buena Vista.

I received some pictures from Peter Lindgren that he took at the Buffalo race last weekend. This picture of Jaxon is what it's ALL about! Thanks Peter!

Jaxon finishing the Buffalo 25K with a smile!
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