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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Caumsett 50K 3.13:25 - 3rd

Yep. Did just what I said I wouldn't do - go out too fast. I guess you can say the competition gets the best of me, literally. Sorry this has taken a bit to post but been busy straight after the race from seeing shows on Broadway to working in Cheyenne, WY today. At any rate here is how the race played out for me:

Nicole and I traveled up to Caumsett historic park on Friday and walked the grounds of the natural preserve of Marshal Fields III - absolutely beautiful! I ran the 5 K course a couple times noticing a few 'slight' hills, I kinda laughed at the time (not really hills but the course description highlighted them) but knew the 'hills' would be laughing in the end. Nicole and I took it all in and enjoyed the day but in the back of my mind I was dreading going round 10 times...

Saturday morning came, brisk, but clear and a slight wind. I lined up next to Michael Wardian and a few others I didn't recognize. The gun went off and so did Mike W. and another fellow by the name of Jesse. Jesse later fell off the pace but apparently this was his first ultra and decided to let it fly. Just behind them was another by the name of Malcom (2.19 marathoner), me, and then a chase pack of Scott Dunlap, Mark Godale, Dan Verrington, and Ben Nephew. For some reason I got it in my head that I had to get away from that group and be alone. Once I was clear I pushed myself to make them chase me. When in reality I should have fallen back because I didn't feel as fast as I did during the marathon - I was working way too hard for a 6 flat pace. I don't remember my exact paces for each 5K loop other than the first because that was a fast 5:57 pace and thought "well... might as well go for it now and see what happens...." The splits are listed here with complete results.

As the day wore on I could feel myself slow and during an out and back section one fellow by the name of Dan Verrington, who was in the chase pack, was slowly catching me. He finally caught me on the 6th loop, we ran together for the remainder of the loop and then at the start of 7 he made a gap - I thought he was gone for good. As best as I could tell he was about 45 seconds up on me going into 9 and then midway through the loop I could tell he was coming back to me. I got the little tinglies in my head and was determined to make it a battle... by the 1st mile of the 10th lap I had pulled even, stayed with him for a 1/2 mile, then when we hit 'the hill' I pushed hard to see what he had.... he didn't respond. Now I was running in front and running scared... the scared part made me push harder. Don't know I was going any faster but I sure the hell felt like it! You the know the feeling.

My goal going in was 3.15 so I am very happy with the result! And I never would have cranked out that time without the help of my wife. Nicole was my one stop shop for gel, water, and electrolytes. Each time I came around she not only filmed, but took pictures, and handed me what I needed without having to stop. To top off the whole weekend we stayed in Time Square for a night, watched a Broadway show, and walked ALL around the NYC. One of the best weekends I've had in a long time. The most stressful part of the whole time was driving downtown NYC... taking a taxi next time!

Lap 1 - out and back section
Courtesy of Scott Dunlap

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