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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A couple of runs

Normally I like to keep up to date on a daily basis of my runs but wasn't able to yesterday, day just got away from me. Ended up selling my Mtn bike yesterday for some extra cash. So here's an update for those keeping tabs on me:

Tuesday: Mt. Falcon v0.75 - 10 myles - 1.32:34 - 2500 ft of climbing
Wednesday: Daniels Park/HR loop - 18 myles - 2.11:02 - 1000 ft of climbing

Leading into yesterday I had a nice streak of 6 days of good running (good in terms of overall body feel and feeling like a had another gear to go to). But as I sat in my car in the parking lot of Mt Falcon yesterday, I just didn't want to run. And the longer I sat there, the less I wanted to go. Finally I talked myself into it by agreeing (as if I'm talking to my alter ego) to turnaround if things didn't shake out.... Well things never improved. I got to the shelter in 30:28 and was dead. So again I agreed to go to the upper parking lot and turn around... At this point I'm playing mind games and decide that I'm already here so I might as well go around Parmalee. All in all it was a miserable day and I was happy to be done.

Moving into today I felt the same way and went through the same thought process... although it turned out much better. You just never know. I went out early without eating to help with my glycogen stores and see how I felt after two hours. I was really surprised, as the run got longer I got stronger.

So in 7 days, I've run 9 times for a total of 95 myles and 16,600 ft of elevation gain. Nice little bump from my normal 65 myles - but I am tired.
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